Sunday, December 18, 2016

                                                                                              Dec 12, 2016

Picture was send to me this week from a member. Lindsey's mom

Oh goodness. 


So many good things happened this week. 

So the Scanlon family is a member family that is going through a lot of trials at this time in their life and Sister Murray and I were visiting them to lend them support. Anywho Simoe is the cutest little girl and when we were in the middle of eating Simoe starts climbing on me and begging me to spin her around. Which having children climb on you is super not allowed as a missionary. So please imagine me desperately trying to not harm this child but also not to allow this child to remain latched to me......none of the family is noticing any of these struggles and Sister Murray is dying because she knows exactly what is happening. Meanwhile seven year old Simoe is still begging me to spin her and I am calmly telling her that I will be happy to spin her in eighteen months. 
But despite all that madness one of the daughters felt confident enough to open up to us about her lack of faith and Sister Murray and I were able to help her to find ways to turn to God and that was incredible. 

 Also we found an incredible new investigator...DANNY.....and we had two lessons with a member present in Dry Creek which is really quite a miracle! 

So many highlights...but my time management during this e-mail session was I'll tell you about them in 18 months. 

Also super funny low light....

Which was actually kind of funny. 
Except that woman slammed her door on the restored gospel and that is kind of upsetting but all is well. 

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