Sunday, January 31, 2016

Some things I want to tell you about.

Well I would say HELLO to my crowds of adoring followers. 

But that would require having a crowd of adoring followers. 

Something I'm lacking to say the least, but I do have family and friends. 

I think they might like me, but adore might be taking it a wee bit too far. 

So HELLO to the regular amount of people who like me an adequate amount. 

I hope all is swell in your lives. 

-Some of you have been complaining about my lack of blogging as of late.-

Well to you all I can say is: 

Sorry, I've been too busy making memories that I want to blog about. 

I thought about a really cute post where I would tell you about how many miles I've spent in a car and tell you where each of those miles has gotten me. 

Then I decided that required a little more math than I am willing to do. 

So I'll just tell you that I drove a lot of miles and they got me to some pretty cool places. 


^My friend Jayde is hating on me for choosing to spell California like that.^
Calling me a dumb tourist or something. 
Whatever, you may have lived there for two years...who says that makes you an expert. 
J.K. Jayde hates on all of my life decisions. 

Anywho. Ryanne and I were desperate to make it to the Golden Coast. So as the time that Ryanne would be with me in Cedar started to dwindle we got desperate. 

Our game plan, if you can call it a plan was to drive to California with a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, sleep in my car, see the beach. 

Which honestly, if you ask me that does not at all sound like a bad plan. 

But, for those of you who are more accustomed to a more lavish lifestyle of living, you'll be glad to know that Jared stepped in and added some luxury to our plan. 

Namely an Aunt's house that we could stay at. Which was awesome because not only did we get a real bed, but she also offered us some food that was a little more appealing than the pb&j's originally planned. 

So with a couple more people the California Crew was welcomed into this world. 

So of course a road trip is not a road trip without a terrible experience that you are only getting yourself through by saying, "We'll laugh about this later." Despite the fact that your having a mid-life crisis in the moment. 

That experience actually happened for us before we even got on the road when Ryanne locked my car keys in my trunk five minutes before go time. 

So thank your local locksmith the next time that you see him, because they are true heroes. 

Anywho post what came to be known as "the incident" we got to California incident free. 

Then we spent the whole entire day on Saturday soaking up the sun, playing in the waves, getting dragged out to sea by the rip-tide, swimming next to seals, and stepping on what we can only assume was a dying fish. 

*Fun Fact my new worst fear is jumping into a wave and a seal slamming into my face.*
It's terrifying really. 

We also spent a large portion of the day ignoring the fact that there was a shark sighted. We didn't drive to California to be scared away by some shark. Pshh

It was a fantastic day and I fell asleep feeling like I was still jumping into the waves. 

Unfortunately morning came, as it tends to, and it was time to drive back home. 

Also did I mention we found a three headed mermaid. Someone should probably call President Obama and let him now about it, sounds pretty groundbreaking to me. 

H-Town USA

Essentially all you will ever need to know about any Thanksgiving break is. 


^Because tackling your siblings to the ground is a great way of showing your gratitude for them. It seems to work around here. ^



^homies are where the heart is^

This is Miss Adi Rae and I will claim her as my own despite the fact that she actually belongs to Koop and Lace. 

Then I came back to Cedar and went to school for a couple more days. then....


11 months out of the year they refer to Las Vegas as sin city. 

Then something magical happens in December..the month of the National Finals Rodeo. 

And on the 12th month we have Cowboy town

I'd been to the NFR once before and it was the most amazing thing, I had grand plans of going every year with the rest of my family. Making it just as much an important date as my birthday or thanksgiving or any holiday really. 

Then I joined the drill team. 

And the same month they call Las Vegas "Cowboy town" they call "Get your butt in gear, it's almost region." on the drill team. 

The same month for a college student is also called, "Get your butt in gear, it's almost finals week."- ha but fortunately I didn't let that stop me. 

So I missed a few years. 

But all is well. We won region and now I get to go back to Vegas! 

First off I can assure you that 99.999999999999% of college students don't eat as well as I did the week we were in Vegas. 

Endless Seafood Buffets, steaks, and Blueberry Hill for breakfast everyday.


Then there was the rodeo of course. 

Which really I'm really doubting that anyone could put the NFR into words. 

So just know that it was the most amazing thing that has ever been experienced. 

Long Live Cowboys. 

It was a good week with the fam. 
and tuff cooper. I ran into him once. 
You'll all be invited to the wedding. 


So, literally these aren't even half the places I need to tell the world about. 

I'm starting to think that I should use my license plate number as my permanent address. 
That is literally the amount of traveling I have done. 

But I'm ready to get this post out of my drafts, so let this suffice until three months from now I give you the rest. 

All is well. 
Be happy. 
Do good things. 
Be kind. 
Be happy. 
Make other people happy. 
okay. bye. 
with love tho.