Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Seeing as I have recently started the biggest transition so far in my adult life. 

It's probably something I should blog about. 

So. Hi. I am a college student. 
At Southern Utah University. 

lol. This is such an adventure I don't even know where to start. 


So I didn't plan on going here, I was actually thinking Utah State.

& Then someone from SUU came to my high school and I applied because it was free. 

(so glad I realized the value of free things even before college)

Then before I knew it, I had to decide which college to go to and this was still the only school I had applied to. Which also means I had one option to pick from. 


I remember this conversation with Ryanne very distinctly. 

Me: So I guess I'm going to SUU now.  

Ryanne: Wow, good thing you aren't too excited. 


Except it worked out quite wonderfully for me. 

Anywho, basically the next step after all the boring steps..was moving down here. 

which just so happened to be the day after my last family game night. 


name that movie. 

lol. It's from the movie entitled "LINDSEY'S SUPER CALI FRAGILISTIC LIFE" 

& it's scheduled to come to a theater near you in 2035. 


I was moving down the morning after the pride's last family game night which may or may not have had me out until like 2 in the A.M. 

Which basically meant that I spent more hours driving that day than I had spent sleeping the night previous. It's okay I survived. 

The whole moving in experience was one I will not share because it is not a memory I look back on in fondness. However, it did end up very well. 


Wow, the state of Virginia is really one I owe a lot of thanks too. 

******inside joke******

After I had spent the day unpacking with my eyes practically taped open. 

I spent my first night in my apartment all by my lonesome. 

*Que NEVER GROW UP by T Swift

The following the day Ryanne headed down to move in as well. 

My mom left. 

& then I spent so many hours at orientation that made me feel like the freshman I am. 

So let me just tell you a few things about my new life as a college student. 


Warning: My train of thought in the next few paragraphs is less like a train and more closely resembles the randomness of bubbles that pop out of boiling water before you put the pasta in because you are a college student and you have 26 boxes of pasta and those 26 boxes are your only option for nourishment. 

I learned very quickly that walking to school in leather pants is probably not an idea that Einstein would have approved of, and rightfully so. 

Nobody gave me that #incomingfreshmanadvice

Another thing that did not take long, is me finding the love of my life. 
The bass player in Van Lady Love.

He is also the most valuable player in my life. 

Southern Utah University is a cool place. 
So much so that you get to literally paint the town red. 

I have found a new favorite hobby in teaching RM's the word ratchet. 
Also on fleek, on point, and bae are other good options. 

Hint for life: A hotel is not a good place to ask people if they are familiar with the surrounding area. Which is exactly what I did while on the hunt for a lake to go adventure in. 

^^^^Meet Jamie^^^^
She was instrumental in that adventure. 

I have enjoyed cheering my new boys of fall on at football games. 
#34 if your reading this..Please date me. 

They aren't even just pretty, they're good too. 

Fun Fact: SUU is currently winning a competition that labels us the most outdoor university in the nation. So a lot of time is spent outside in our beautiful surroundings. 

^^^Cedar Breaks^^^

It truly is gorgeous around here. 

update on the roomate status: 
I have currently lost all sense of self. I do not know who I am without Ryanne. All that is mine is also hers. Literally the other day I asked her if I could put a picture on OUR snapchat story. Wow. What?

Ryanne is a great roomate because she has this conversation with me everyday. 

Me: Ryanne, let's get a cat. 

Ryanne: Okay. 

*p.s.: I attempted to have this same conversation as I was typing it into my computer and she said no for the first time. Needless to say my heart is broken. 

A fool proof way to go make new friends in college is to dance in the rain and see who joins you, which is how Sidney solidified her title as coolest person in the world. 

literally the parking lot was a swimming pool. 



Basically I feel like the leaders in my young single adult ward are more like a team assigned to marry as many people off as humanly possible. 

Just in case you didn't believe me. 


Okay now I am trying to steer this non existent train onto a track that is actually going somewhere. 

I'm slowly accepting the fact that there is frankly not a lot of time left in my life that I will still have the opportunities I have now. So I've decided to make some goals about what I want to come out of my time here in Cedar City. 

-I want to have a college experience that I will result in me telling the stories of the days I'm living now to my children in the future. 

-I want to make friends that I will never forget. It's already happening..frankly I thought I had already had the best in High School and they are the best, the truly are, but now I am just getting more of the best to add to that list. 

& the ultimate goal for everyone no matter what stage of life you are at. 

-I want to strengthen my testimony of the gospel. I am surrounded by so many return missionaries, and I realize that serving a mission does not automatically make you a member of the elite in the gospel, but so many of the people I am meeting have a spirit about them that shows they have personally felt the light of Christ throughout their life and they obtain that same light within them. There is always room for growth and my Mustard seed is still growing. 

So excuse me for a moment while I go work on some of those very important goals.

Reminder: Look for something good in today. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Labor Day is really just code word for Hooper Tomato Days. 


Yes. I'm right. 

I am Lindsey Rendon and I must admit I am obsessed with H-Town. As in Hooper, Utah. As in "I'm from the Ogden-Area" to all these new people I'm meeting at college because Hooper is as some people would say..."the town right before the edge of the earth." 

Not kidding once a boy came to pick me up for a date and said, "Wow, I didn't think I would be driving to the edge of the Earth when I woke up today." 

Anywhooooo. This college-student was able to make the four hour drive up north as a result of a long weekend. 

Call me a super senior if you must, because the first stop after I made it home was the Fremont High Football game. I got to watch my wonderful friends on Silverline perform a fantastic half-time performance and I may have even shed a few tears as I reminisced on my own drill team experience. Then again maybe I didn't shed a few tears. How will you ever know? ;)

I'm on that new school. Wall Dog is still reppin that old school. 

Also I would have watched the game however, I was busy crawling through the bleachers finding all my favorite people in Weber County to talk too and that was FANTASTIC. 

It was quite wonderful to find some friends that I graduated with and chat with them about their own college experiences after the game. I still kind of wish we could have a graduation reunion every 6 months. I love the class of 2015. 

Entering Saturday...

I got to witness one of my favorite babies win the baby contest in Hooper. 

He deserved it cute thing. 

Then I got to cheer my cousin on from the sidelines in his little league football game. 


The main event of the weekend was my cousin's wedding. She made a beautiful bride however the pictures I took with her turned out less than beautiful so just imagine a blushing bride in your head. 


The Hooper 1st ward is a wonderful place. I'm still getting used to the Young Single Adult ward which is a little difficult when you feel too young to be a Single Adult. The church is true in every ward and that's the important thing. 

Another wonderful part of Sunday was this moment. 

I wish my horses could fit in the trunk of my car and could live in the pantry at my apartment. 

I've been attempting to make a cowgirl out of my friends. So the Wall-Eye Clan and the Saunders fam came down to my home and took a few trips around the arena. 

Walli even made it "full-speed ahead." -but not really


here's what i have to say about monday. It was anything but "another manic monday."
P.S. - If you want to have a good day take a look at that music video on Youtube. 

Started off the day watching the Tomato Days Parade. It's sometimes a strange feeling to be on the sidelines of a parade. growing up is a weird thing. 

See look how simple life is as a baby. They don't even feel the need to pose for pictures. 

Then I spent the day eating delicious food and chatting with wonderful people before I headed back to T-Bird territory. 

It was a delicious corn dog. Also it wasn't pasta which is like all I've been eating at school.

Cousins & Corn dogs bigger than your face. 
It's a wonderful life. 

I should mention I paid six dollars for this corn dog which is probably the reason I felt the need to document the experience. 

I also got to catch up with this girl that's been around...for only my whole entire life. 


After a weekend away and answering the "How is college" question about 12 million times it was nice to head back to the flat with Ryanne. 

We enjoy it in Flat #2. 

I should also note that we have chosen to call our apartment the flat because sometimes your life just needs to be spiced up a little. 

I LOVE my home, but the next  chapter of life has begun and so far it's been wonderful. 

with lots of love.