Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28, 2016

This morning I woke up and just really felt like I had to explain myself to all of you. (friends and loved ones at home and abroad)

This is going to be really honest but please just hear me out for a second or two. 

I hate emailing.

It is awful for me. Literally pains me to do it.  (Writing letters too.) 


It's just that every week I sit down to write this e-mail and I feel this incredibly intense pressure to put something that can't be put into words...into words. Which is probably why my emails may come across quite ridiculous. I'm sure a lot of weeks I may seem uncommitted, unfocused, and probably uneducated because I never proofread these things. 

I will tell you right now there is nothing I want more in my life than to be a good missionary who lives my purpose with every person that I meet, acquires Christlike attributes, and really just repents and changes for the better every day. 

So here is the deal....Every day I wake up and I try to do one thing. Invite others to come unto Christ. 

I am not even a little bit close to being perfect at fulfilling that purpose, but that's what I'm trying to do here...and that's the only reason that I'm here. 

So here I am repenting, trying to become better.....better at emailing and sending letters....but sometimes it is just too hard. Not because I don't want to do it, but because I don't want anything to distract me from that purpose and it's hard to spend even just one day a week...a few hours of that day trying to put all these emotions and experiences into words. Out of all the different combinations that 26 letters can make...none of those combinations do missionary work justice and especially how I feel about being a missionary.

So if you wonder why my e-mails are awful.....that's why. 

Please forgive me and wait super patiently while I try to become better. 

-And really the whole point of this was to help you understand that I am trying to put all my focus on my purpose. 

-And also to remind you that I love you all. 


This week was great. 

We had a great thanksgiving. We spent dinner with Bishop Madsen and his family and then dessert with half the ward. So GREAT! 
We also had a mission turkey bowl and I volunteered as tribute to represent the Sisters of the CFM. Basically you see the picture...and that' s about as athletic as things got. 

Also pictured...SISTER BANGERTER (like the highway). She is amazing and I had my last exchange with her...but good news she said that we can play just dance together in eighteen months...even if she is six months pregnant. So that was good news...but really she is amazing and I love her. 

I HAD LUNCH WITH MY BEST FRIENDS TRAINER. So cute isn't she. Oh goodness...sending lot's of love to the beloved Sister C right now because she is amazing and wonderful and treated Sister Troseth and I to amazing and wonderful pancakes for lunch one day. 

This week was getting real close the end of the month and we were getting real close to the end of our monthly mileage budget for the car. So Sister Troseth and I basically trekked across all of North America this week. It was such an adventure. We actually had a lot of success this day and also I think people were really taking pity on us because we looked like drowned rats. Also Sister Troseth's coping mechanism was calling me Sacajawea  and narrating the adventure like we were on a reality t.v. show. 

We are praying to be able to FIND INVESTIGATORS this week. Were looking for some prayers would really help out....thanks!


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  1. Lindsey, no one doubts your commitment! You are all kinds of AMAZING and I admire what you are doing. Love you to pieces. Chrissy