Monday, November 20, 2017


Ya'll are blessed this week because I saved the weekly for last and I don't have time to make this long and hard to read but here are all the important things. 

-transfer calls came: Sister T and I are staying together AND we are training a new missionary. We are both super excited about that. 

-THE LIGHT THE WORLD VIDEO IS COMING OUT ON NOVEMBER 24TH PLEASE PLEASE WATCH IT. (enjoy this picture of Dianne promoting #lighttheworld)

-The Tolman girls ​​are the cutest and the cute hug they ran up and gave me at church on Sunday was the tender mercy of the week! I love them soooo much. 

-go to on november 24th to see why I keep talking about this light the world stuff please. I know it will change your Christmas. 

Also the most important thing........

-Your father in heaven loves you. To Fresno and back and even farther. 
-I love you all to Fresno and back too! 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Elder and Sister Echo Hawk visit Zone North Conference November 9, 2017

Missionaries from the Merced, Fresno West, Fresno, and Fresno East Zones
at Mission Tour by Elder and Sister Echo Hawk. Nothing short of awesome!!!

Every feast of the soul should be followed by excellent nourishment for the body
to maintain proper balance. And this was a wonderful feast on both counts which
accounts for the expressions of joy and rejoicing.

Monday, November 13, 2017


                                               Sister Cluff & Daughter                         

heads up: this email is a bunch of proof that the gospel is a real thing that really blesses people. 

(No subjec

-PETE. Sister T and I met Pete late on Saturday night and we had a super brief conversation but we set up a time to go back on Sunday. So what happened on Sunday was this. We show up and start teaching and Pete is super excited about learning about the gospel. As we talked he told us that he had felt like he had a dark cloud hanging over him all day and THEN he met us, even though our conversation was short he said that automatically his day started to get better and it turned out a day that started pretty crummy turned out amazing and the turning point was talking to us. Anyway we are super excited to start teaching him and more important than that HE IS SUPER EXCITED to start reading from the Book of Mormon. 

-Brother Mills continues to be incredible. Did I already tell you that he called the time we ran into him a 'divine appointment'. He told his work that he would no longer be available to work on Sundays. GO BROTHER MILLS. WAY TO EXERCISE FAITH. He told us the first time he walked into a church building after we met him he felt so good, like he needed to be there, he said simply walking into the building allowed him to feel the Holy Ghost. 

-We set a baptismal date with an investigator named Kenny. We are super excited for him....(it's in December). He is about to have his first little baby...probably this week! 

-THE DOMANTAY FAMILY WENT TO THE TEMPLE. It was suchhhhh a good experience. 
I loved being there....and it was so cute we got there a little later than everyone else and our ward mission leader had just finished baptizing people and then he went right back up to the temple worker when we got there...he had just put his street clothes back on and said...."I want to baptize my missionaries" and changed right back into baptismal clothes. It was good to be in the temple and it was good to think about all the times being in the temple for baptisms with my friends that I dearly love. It was however pretty weird to be in water. 


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

This week was soooo good.

                                                   November 6, 2017

okay. okay. okay.

I'll try my best to tell you all the reasons why it was so good. 

-BROTHER MILLS. I have felt many many times that I've been in specific areas for specific people but never like this before. Brother Mills lives in the same apartment complex as us, he was a street contact we had met and as we talked to him he mentioned that he had been a mormon before. We didn't have a lot of time but we set up a return appointment. When we went back we learned more about his past. At one point he had been a super active member of the church. He had gone to the temple, held callings, all of it. The reason he left is because he had expected to find an eternal companion...and long story short he hadn't. He told us he had tried to go back to church a couple of years ago but he found out that it wasn't going to be as simple as he thought because he actually had entirely removed his name from church records. As we taught him we could tell that he had an incredible testimony, he had been missing the church, and what stood out most to me was that he was needed in the Fresno 5th ward. I told him that he needed to come back, not only for himself but for everyone else because he has sooooo much to offer the ward. The next time we met him he told us about this time that he had visited the Elder that taught him in Utah shortly after his baptism. While he was there this Elders mom said that she felt inspired to share with him the same words that Christ had shared with Peter. That Satan desired him, to sift him as wheat, but when he was converted he was to strengthen his brethren. It's been such an incredible experience teaching him. I'm so excited about it. 

-KEVIN AND ANITRA. Sooooo once again the Lord put me right where I needed to be. It was Saturday, I was getting all sorts of anxious because we had only found one new investigator so far and I was not about to end the week like that. We went to go talk to a super solid potential investigator and the beginning of the conversation went so well and my heart was beginning to take courage....well cue the jealous girlfriend to come in. Who basically kicked us out. Anyway we decided to go talk to someone else in the area who I was significantly less excited about. Anyway we go over to the house and the person we were looking for wasn't there...but his dad who is nick-named Jabber was there...and let me tell you that man can jabber....and also his friend kevin was there. Kevin was so awesome he literally just gave us his address and then asked when we could come teach him. We taught him a little bit then and went to his house yesterday where we had an awesome lesson with him and with his cute wife!!!! So all is well that ends well. 

-Halloween happened but really we just had a mission leadership council where we talked about how we could effectively start using the Christmas initiative and we got permission to start listening to Christmas I feel as though Merry Christmas is much more appropriate than happy halloween. 

-BYU came and played Fresno State which provided all sorts of cool things but mostly a devotional with the President of BYU with whom I had a good chat with about the missionary work in Fresno 5.2, and mark wilson (who is a big enough deal to make a whole family of non-members come to the devotional and be super solid potentials) brother mills went and kenny and a whole bunch of members from the north stake who I was excited to see. 

-We had lunch with Sister Mackay and toured the new mission home which is basically a temple. 

-fasting still works. I was fasting to be prepared for the zone conference this week with a member of the 70. I wanted to get as most out of it as possible. Shortly after I ended the fast I heard from President Mackay that I would be one of the missionaries he interviewed. 

-exchanges were a really good time. 

-I'm so excited to be a missionary for christmas. 

- I love being a missionary. 

-I love all of you. 

-Thanks for reading. I'll be back next week. 

I LOVE YOU ALL. I really love the gospel, I love seeing the Lord's hand in my life and seeing him lead me right to where I need I need to be. I know that HE IS ALWAYS THERE FOR US but I also know that we see that more and feel that more and are benefited by that more when we turn to Him. 

Have a good week!  

Monday, October 30, 2017

-Once upon a time I had this huge desire to teach someone in a half-way house (you know half-way between prison and the outside world) before my mission.

Which technically I was able to do that in King's Canyon one time but it's harder than you think to teach someone in a half-way house when they change their phone number and the only option you have left is to try knocking on the steel door that makes sure everyone stays in after curfew. Anyway this week Sister T and I started teaching Shannon and Jesse who live in a sober-living house (a house for newly recovered alcoholics, and it's basically the same thing as a half way house....). They are so cool AND THEY KEEP THE COMMITMENTS WE LEAVE WITH THEM.  I am super happy about teaching them and it's more than likely going to lead to a bunch of other new investigators as well because we teach them in 'the lounge' which is were all the men in the sober-living house hang out. The lounge is a car-port turned into a man cave of sorts because no one there actually owns cars. We have taught them twice so far and it's such a fun experience because we sit and teach them and it's only Shannon and Jesse technically in the lesson but there is normally at least 4 other men sitting on the outskirts of the lounge who are totally listening in on the lesson and throw in their own questions and comments on occasion. 

-KENNY (an investigator I love teaching because he is so sincere) came to church for all three hours this week and texted us after and said he LOVED it and would be back next week. Which is no surprise actually because all of church I was just thinking about how perfect everything was for him....talks about baptism being a fruit of true faith, lessons about the benefits of prophets it was all so good. 

-At church Brother Domantay was ordained to the priesthood and Yang was confirmed and then we taught them the Plan of Salvation again after church and it was so good. I was able to use some great revelation I received from a personal study the other day and taught how for them at this point ENDURING TO THE END is the difference between tasting of the fruit and being filled with the fruit everlastingly in the celestial kingdom. 

Monday, October 23, 2017


My heart is so happy. 

I've really loved being a part of the Lord's work this week. (I always do.)

I've smiled a lot, 
I've loved a lot, 
and I've tried to serve my best. 
It has been so good. 

Here are some bullet no particular order...(except probably they will end up in the order that makes the least amount of sense because that's how Sister Rendon's brain works)

-Based off of the amount of times I've lost my planner it's incredibly inspired they didn't send me to an iPad mission or anything of that sort. Also even if one day they force us to get electronic around here Fresno, California is still my favorite place to serve a mission. 

-I went on exchanges with Sister Kelly and it was so fun. haha. It felt just like old annoying her by attempting to self-crush my ice.....her stopping mid-word to notify me the millisecond the stoplight turned green. SHE IS SUCH A BLESSING TO ME....and such a hard worker. We taught some awesome lessons together. 

-We taught Dianne....(she's the one we took a selfie with). I love Dianne, she is sooo funny. We taught her about closing prayers and asked her to say one and it went like this....."Heavenly Father.....we finna depart from here. Now shoo angels go....." Then she started shooing us out of her house mid-prayer. 

-This bullet point features a little story....I learned a lot from it though. We went and visited an investigator who should have been at church on Sunday afternoon. She welcomed us in her home and as we sat down she told us how her morning had gone. She woke up feeling like she needed comfort...she'd had a long night. As she sat down she saw The Book of Mormon that we had left her, picked it up, realized she didn't have her reading glasses on, set the Book of Mormon down, then started drinking the Vodka that was right next to it. CHOICES ARE SO IMPORTANT. I'm absolutely positive that we've all had moments like this. In a place where we needed comfort.....seeing ultimately only two options for comfort. 1. The Lord's way. Honestly probably more inconvenient at first, but far more eternal and 2. The World's way. Initially the easier choice but one that wears of quickly and leaves you worse than you began. I promise that when you are looking for comfort....both choices will always be there, and they will always lead to something. I invite you all to be aware of where your choices are leading you....WITH AN ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE. This little story reminded me of talking to an investigator my last area. She had a history-it included drugs. She told us that she turned to them to numb her pain but when she met missionaries and started turning to the Lord and he took away her pain. The ATONEMENT OF JESUS CHRIST IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THE NUMBING EFFECT OF THE WORLD BUT IT IS THE HEALING EFFECT OF THE LORD. 

-WE HAD A BAPTISM. Wow it was so powerful. 
Background on the Domantay family: They are from the Philippines and had a very successful life there.  The parents were doctors and lawyers and Yang -the daughter said that in the Philippines she didn't really know what trials were. They moved to America so they could give Yang an even better life, and here they found trials. They didn't have a car and didn't have a house. Here the parents work as care takers and so they stayed at the homes of those they took care of- moving up to three times a week. In yang's testimony she shared her memories of walking four miles to get to the store with her mom and then four miles back carrying all of the groceries. Now that the family is settled all three of them live in one room and the parents continue to work as care-takers. Yang said that her trials taught her to be grateful.....that when she was walking miles with arms full of groceries...she was grateful she had legs to walk. When she and her parents stay in one room together she was grateful to have a roof over their head. She felt that even though these trials seemed to be dragging her back and it was in reality only to be able to launch her an arrow. Through it all they have relied on their faith in Christ. Their faith is so strong. Their family is preparing to go to the temple for baptisms for the dead next month, they've started with family history, and they just want to give back to the church by serving everyone. As we were sitting at the baptism and singing the closing song I could not help but wonder why the Lord was choosing to bless me this much. The truth is I have worked hard everyday of my mission, I've always tried to do my best, but despite that I HAVE NEVER FELT that I have worked hard enough to deserve to experience the fullness of joy that I have. I never could work that hard, but the Lord in his infinite mercy has magnified the work that I have done and blessed me in abundance. I love Him for that. 

to my very well loved ones. 
I wish, I wish, I wish, words could say what I feel about this work, but they don't. 
I wish I could say everything that I wanted to, but I can't. I wish you all could experience the joy that I feel, and the good news is you can. 

I need you all to know that 
-I am here for you
-Jesus Christ is there for you

psalms 56:9 When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know.; for God is for me

Monday, October 16, 2017

Fresno State, great, great, great.

                                           Sister Tatakamotonga & Sister Rendon

I would keep up with those local church billboards as subject lines........
but it seems as though my entire area is basically Fresno State University.....and student housing. 

More fun facts about my area....

-A member herself welcomed me into the area by'll find it's one of those newly weds and nearly dead wards you hear about. She definitely isn't wrong. 

-My companion is Sister Tatakamotonga....but if you run out of breath too quickly you can shorten it to Sister T. 

-We live in apartment complexes that have a great view of the fireworks post Fresno State win of their homecoming football game. (Fresno State is playing BYU this that is going to be a grand old time...)