Tuesday, December 26, 2017


There was absolutely no snow this week, or rain, or even a need for a coat......but there was a baptism and I'm 100% convinced that that is the best kind of a white Christmas. 

Kenny was baptized in the Fresno 5th ward and hearing him say the opening prayer at his baptism was the most satisfying thing that I have ever heard, and his testimony was incredible. 

Other Christmas things that are even better than snow: 

-Christmas Caroling to Syrian refugees, the kids were so cute and Brother Call (the member we went caroling with) is better than Santa Claus to them. 
-the nativity we put on for some families in the stake with the YSA Elders....there is only one time I've been grateful for the piles of clothes of missionaries past in the apartment and it was when we needed some nativity costumes.
-You get to be with the kindest members in all the world AND you get to feed their pet goats they got for Christmas. 

Well. Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year, and Jesus Christ is the most wonderful person in all the earth. 
Please take the time to REMEMBER HIM, because He is forever remembering you. 
love you all! 

Sister Rendon

Monday, December 18, 2017

Merry more Christ.......get it Christ..mas.


-I promise that it is not that I've gotten 1000x more dramatic since I've left, it's just that my life is 1000x cooler and so I have more to be excited about. 


-In Fresno 5 we did service for our fun investigator Bill Gates from egypt. He is starting a shoe store and needed help moving a million shoe boxes around. Half way through the process he told us he could make us rich if we became business partners...it was a hard pass. 

-surprise. I got transferred. I spent the last half of the week with Sisters Sheffield and Baldwin in the Clovis/Cedar wood area. Sister Baldwin will be returning home tomorrow and Sister Sheffield and I will keep being companions and it's going to be the best. I about died when I saw how short the ward list was..I'm back in Clovis...where everyone is active. 

-the first member I met in this area was....................SISTER CHARLENE STEBLES. SO CUTE. She was the first baptism I had in the mission.....and I sat next to her in sacrament meeting....and she is so cute...and converted which is obviously the most important thing. 

-then Sister Baldwin and I visited Lora Kinnison. (Jack's mom) she was the 2nd baptism I had in the mission. She is literally so cute and told us this incredible story about how visiting teaching is going for her....and Jack is growing and it's so sweet. 

-CHRISTMAS ZONE CONFERENCE. Zone conference is always good...and then you add Christmas and things get soooo good. 

Ultimately what touched my heart most is the message President shared....he talked about the things that are commonly seen as the 'sacrifices' that missionaries make and then he said...."Ultimately, you will find in the end that it is never truly a sacrifice to come to know Christ." That is how I feel about my mission. I know that I am not perfect at it but I have tried with my whole heart to give my whole self to the Lord. I have tried my best to lay every piece of myself on a sacrificial alter and as I've done that I've found myself. I can honestly say that as I am today I am more me than I have ever before been and it is because I know my Savior more than ever before. 

I love being a missionary. I'm excited to continue to be a missionary, especially during this Christmas week. I love the Lord and I hope you take the time to remember HIM this Christmas.  

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sit down before you read this one.

                                                                                   December 11, 2017

Hello family. 
I love you all so much and it's important that you remember that. 

In hopes to avoid too much anticipation I'll just say it now....
I have chosen to extend my mission for 30 days. 
I was supposed to return home on February 14th, now I'll be home 30 days after that- honestly I haven't even taken the time to figure out when that day is. 

I have to be honest this isn't something that I've always wanted. To be truthful when I got to the MTC and I saw the card that told me I would return on the 14th of February, I didn't say anything but I thought to myself....'well, that's a little bit too long. I'll probably do that thing where you go home a little early so I can start school.' 
Clearly that changed over time and it's been quite some time that I've been thinking to myself...'February 14th....that can't be right. I need more time.' 

Obviously my mission has changed me and I hope that you can see whenever I do get home that it has changed me for the better. I promise my mission and especially the last 30 days of it has and will allow me to be a better daughter and sister. 

I already know that the gift of these 30 days will be the greatest gift for me this Christmas, but the 2nd would be your support. 
I wish I could be more eloquent, I wish you could know how I truly feel not only about my mission but also about you. 

I LOVE YOU and I'm excited to see you and
I'm excited to keep serving. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

a six-thousand word email

However it's only a 6,000 word email if you believe that ''a picture is worth a thousand words"