Saturday, August 29, 2015

Senior Year

Senior Year

If there was one thing that I did not want to do in the month of August of 2014. It was go back to school. It's true, I was convinced that I did not need a senior year. I had already done all the things I needed to do. I had already learned the things I needed to learn. I had already made friends with the people who I needed to be friends with. Now in the month of August of 2015 if there is one thing that I want to say it is that I WAS WRONG.

Here's the thing I can't possibly fit all of the things I loved from my last year of high school into one post but I can certainly post a few. 

Homecoming Week


I love fall. I love dances. I love parades. I love football.  

The drill team got to do any amazing thing for the football team. We each got to be a secret sister to a senior on the football team. It was so amazing to get to recognize the team for all their time and effort, blood and sweat, and boys don't cry so I guess no tears. 

I got to be a secret sister to one of my favorite human beings. 

Nate Wadsworth. 

Also the boys won our football game. So go FREMONT. 

Then of course their was the dance with another favorite human being of mine. 

Caden Holmes. 

If Homecoming week was any indicator of how the rest of my senior year would go..& it was. I was in for one fabulous ride. 

Football Season

I may be graduated but reminiscing about football games brings out all my silverwolf pride. 

There is not a cooler high school in all of America. Or Any other place for that matter. 

From performing at half time

to throwing chalk with the best student section ever. 

Or listening to the team get pumped before and after any game. 

Also throw in a few dance parties in the rain. 

Football games were the best. 

Then my friends and I. Also the rest of Fremont High School would go recover at the local Mcdonalds.  lol. I can still smell the french fries and big macs mixed with sweaty football players. What a wonderful thing. 

Christmas Break

I am here to tell you that my friends and I did not leave each other alone during Christmas break.  We were ALWAYS with each other. Friends are a fabulous thing. Seriously I could give a seminar on why not to have dumb friends...but I'll save that for later. 

One of my favorite things about Christmas Break was this wonderful trip to temple square. 
some very important people in this trip are not pictured but they are remembered. 

Region Drill Competition

1st we won. 

Then we won again. 
Then there was the third time we won. 


We as a drill team worked so hard for this. It was NOT easy. It was however so worth it. 

Also do you want to know a secret. It wasn't even the fact that we won that made it so special. The most amazing part of the experience was walking out onto the floor and seeing the hundreds of students that we had cheered for and supported all year long come out to do the same for us. I honestly felt on cloud nine-hundred thousand when I saw all the best people I know wearing blue and screaming for us. Gosh chills. Not lying. Best thing Ever. 

I still love you if you showed up. I do. I do. I do. 

Mission Call Season

I actually hated this a little...because it meant everything was coming to an end. However, it also came to show that I had just spent some of the best years of my life with the best examples I could have chosen to surround myself with. 

It was hard, really hard to know that my time with some of what I'm convinced are the greatest people in the entire world was coming to an end. 

However I was also so so so so so so so so so so so so so sooooooooooooooo happy to know that just about every area of the world was about to get missionaries from Fremont High School sharing the everlasting message of The Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The church is true and If you live in America or China or anywhere in between chances are their is going to be a missionary to tell you about it. & they might just be from Fremont High School. 

Senior Week

There was chalk throwing. 

There was rollerblading. 

There was testimony bearing. 

All of my favorite things. 

Also there was graduating, which is not one of my favorite things. 

I knew this was the last chance I had to be surrounded by the class of 2015. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THESE PEOPLE. I'm not kidding I'm so passionate about how much I love the senior year I didn't think I needed. 

Do things you love. 

Be around people you love. 


i seriously wish i could jump out of this computer screen and tell you to have fun. 

however I can't so you'll just have to do it by yourself. 

P.S. *not absolutely everything that happened in my senior year was just peachy. I also had some of the hardest things happen through out my senior year. I'm sure that's how just about every year in my entire life is going to go, but don't dwell on the bad things. Recognize that they are there, learn from them. Then go make the good things better. People aren't lying when they tell you ~life is what you make it.~

Go Fremont. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What? Why? How?

What the fetch am I doing? How the fetch am I going to do it? Why the fetch am I going to try?

All the thoughts that are going through my head as I start on this blogging adventure. 

Well the what's easy...

-I am starting a blog. An online journal of sorts. 

The Why is where it starts to get confusing

1. Why do I feel the need to share about my adventures on the internet?

2.Why would I start a blog when I get embarrassed by reading a journal from a few years ago just to myself. 

3.Why would I give myself another place to compare myself to others?

4.Why would I start a blog when the only title I can think of is..."This is real, This is me, I'm exactly who I'm supposed to be."
*I don't even know who sings that song. 

Well I am still not 100% certain but I have made an attempt to answer all the above. 

1. Somedays I think I live a pretty normal life, than I realize that what I have is actually pretty extraordinary. I've had some pretty amazing opportunities thrown my way. I have had some pretty amazing people walk into my life. I have learned a few pretty amazing lessons. So that is why I feel the need to share my adventures, because my adventures are not ordinary they are EXTRAORDINARY. & I bet if you look closely yours are too. 

2. Yes, I truly did blush when I looked at my journal and saw just how much my little seventh grade heart would have lovedddd to be noticed by a boy who does not even phase me now, but then I laugh and think to myself oh how much I have learned since then. I want to be able to see my progress I don't just want to look back and see who I was but to see HOW I have transformed and grown and WHAT exactly made me do it. 

3. Truly as a girl in this world I live in it's hard to not walk down the street and compare myself to a passerby. However the people who's blogs I love following most aren't comparing themselves to others. They are just sharing their GENUINE happiness about the life they have been given. 

For Example

Once upon a time I wandered across a blog entitled BELLA IN BERLIN. Then I loved it. There is a funny thing about this blog it is the complete opposite of her comparing herself to others. The posts I love most..the ones from on her mission are all about serving others. 

4.Let's save this answer for just a little while. 

After all of that thought I was still not convinced as to why I wanted to do this so here are a few other ways I have used to persuade myself....

-I'm taking a creative writing class, I'll just use my blog for practice.

-All the cool kids are doing it. 
      *All the cool kids are referring to two of my best friends and some cousins who still count as best friends. 

-When have I ever needed a logical reason to do something in the past. 


Ha. & one more serious reason as to why I finally decided to do this. Emphasis on finally because the idea has quite literally been rolling around in my head for months. 

(I also feel the need to mention that when I use the word literally I will always mean figuratively.)

So while the thought of a blog has been rolling around in my head for months so has the 13th Article of Faith. 

(I should also probably mention I'm #MORMON)
"We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul-We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things."

Like I have mentioned before I believe that my life is filled to the brim with things that are virtuous, lovely, of good report of praiseworthy and simply put I would like to make those things very easy for others to seek after. I have so many blessings and I am ready to share all of the wonderful things in my life with others. Yes, through a blog I can only share those things in words but words can be a powerful thing, and I hope that I always share what I have through my deeds whenever the opportunity arises. 

So that is what brings us to the answer to #4. I hope you didn't forget about that one. 

4. All I thought I needed was a good title before I had convinced myself to start a blog, but honestly when I laid all those reasons out there I didn't really need a good title what I needed was good content. I hope that whom ever reads this finds content that once again is virtuous, lovely of good report, and praiseworthy. 
So basically what I'm saying is I haven't found a title for my blog that I love, but I no longer feel like I need one. 

So now How the fetch am I going to do this?

-Answer: I'm going to share all the things I love about my life. Don't get me wrong there are some things that I don't love about my life and I'm sure that they will be mentioned from time to time but those are not the things I want to focus on or the things that I want this blog to be about. 

So there is the What, Why, & How. 

So Lindsey is saying HELLO to whoever chooses to follow along I hope you enjoy.