Tuesday, November 22, 2016

HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEK.              November 21, 2016

Well ladies and gentleman. Life is good here in the Orchard and Mountain View wards.
We are really trying to get in the Christmas Spirit...

We are trying to do a lot of member missionary work and because we don't know any members.... we are basically trying to meet everyone and their dog. Which the dog part is pretty easy because everyone around here names their dog Cocoa. The members are super great and they are all basically related to the members in my last ward so that is really great.  We found an investigator named Danny this week. (DAD LISTEN UP) He told us how dove hunting brings him joy and he broke his arm a few weeks ago and cried...not because it hurt but because he couldn't shoot a gun anymore. Oh goodness...haha we gave him a Book of Mormon and he told us that we have a 70% chance at seeing him at church on Sunday so that's SUPER EXCITING.

We live with Sisters now and I love it...it's like a miniature sleepover every night. We also live behind this cute family and when we left for the day a few days back we saw them playing in the garbage can. So cute.

Don't worry about thanksgiving plans...goodness even the man from the car wash invited us over for tamales. Which isn't that surprising because I have a pretty healthy relationship with 90% of the car wash employees.

I LOVE YOU ALL and I would promise to write a good email next week but I have come to accept that I'm awful at writing e-mails.

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