Monday, October 31, 2016


Here is the thing. Right now my ability to connect ideas is so incredibly low that I'm just going to write in bullet points and throw buckets of information at ya'll. With love:)

PICTURES. In no particular order...literally these bullet points will not match up with the pictures. 

1. That Madd Hatter pictured is actually Curtis Brown. WHAT. For the people who are confused about why this matters....Curtis Brown is actually sort of..a little bit...definitely a huge deal when it comes to BYU football. So he is spending his Halloween dressed up as the Madd Hatter and BYU football fan children are spending their Halloween's dressed up like him. Also fun facts about him...he has triplets and another baby and they are all under the age of four. So cute. ALSO. We struck up a conversation with Brother Brown about having a ward turkey bowl and then Sister Murray just told me that when she imagines turkey bowls...she imagines men playing football with frozen turkeys. I AM DYING. 

2. We were able to go to the temple as a zone and that was INCREDIBLE. I've missed the temple but it was so amazing to be there and the temple workers are so cute. Loved it. Another fun fact about that picture is that clearly it is raining and this is a huge deal and if your wondering why that matters...the central valley is in a drought and rain is a huge deal. So we lovedddddd it. 

3. PENELOPE PARKER. Cutest black cat ever. I am dying about her and her whole family actually. Her dad is our ward mission leader and I just die at how cute their family is all the time. Also Brother Parker passed no judgement when Sister Murray and I told him we would probably spend our Halloween nairing our arms because we aren't allowed to be out. I'm probably going to bribe the Parker family to move to Utah by using Lime Rickies. 



-in a talk by Elder Lawrence he said this....(AND SERIOUSLY LISTEN UP)

-"Christ votes for you, Satan votes against you, and you cast the deciding vote."

Seriously the truest thing I've heard all week. Do ya'll even realize that you have the power to cast that deciding vote? Probably not because I don't think anyone truly, fully, 100%, understands that...INCLUDING ME. 

so vote for you. This is an election that ya'll should want to be a part of:)


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