Tuesday, October 25, 2016


My goodness. 


Hello Ladies and Gentleman. 

This is Sister Rendon here. In case you forgot. 

Which is funny because this week I asked the a family in the ward how their son was doing on his mission and it took them like 15 seconds to remember who he even was.

This week was fantastic. 

So Wednesday was Zone Conference and post Zone Conference you have the most contradictory feelings of all life...because you are so motivated because you just received all this revelation, but you are also so tired your kind of desperate for a nap because receiving all that revelation is draining. 

Also President and Sister Clark got to speak at our Stake Conference so we were able to hear from this twice this week and that was incredible. 


-A real quote from her this week. 
"Sometimes we look like missionaries...and sometimes we look like cute missionaries." haha so true. basically she was just telling me that she liked my outfit but I loved how she did it. 

Notable things about this week-

-I found out that Lime Rickies were like secluded to Northern Utah, so I'm making a desperate attempt to bring them to California 

Okay, I was going to make a long list of notable things that happened this week and I promise that there is a long list but then I got super distracted. 

but work in the Shepherd ward is going so well. We are having a forty day fast and three people are praying about baptism so that is fabulous! 

Dry Creek ward...we are praying for them. 

Lately everyone and their dog has been getting anti'd

Sister Murray and I have spent a lot of days in the past week telling people that John Smith is actually Pocahontas boyfriend and as far as we know never actually saw God and Joseph Smith is in fact a prophet of God. So here is the thing I am so incredibly grateful for Joseph Smith and his life and his sacrifices, but I have never once prayed to Joseph Smith or done anything in his name and I am not called to talk about Joseph Smith's church. 

This is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Everything we say or do is based on Christ. The only way that Salvation can come is through Jesus Christ. My faith is in Jesus Christ. 

I love it here. I am being treated so well. 

Literally last night when we left the walkers home their family made a human tunnel for us to run out of. 
Oh my goodness they are great. 

The California Fresno Mission is great. 

Ya'll are great. 

p.s.-Sister Murray found her planner. Which is funny because I accidentally left mine at a house and for approximately twenty minutes we were both out of a planner and that was pretty horrible. We were talking to 
Bishop Callister during this traumatic life event and he said.."What are you going to do? A missionaries planner is like a regular persons iphone......"


Have a great week.

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