Wednesday, November 9, 2016

oh my goodness there are no words for this week.                                              November 7, 2016


I literally have no words for this week. 

(excuse me while I proceed to write a lot of words about this week)

But hey that bullet point thing hopefully worked well so here we go. 

-I went to Cafe Rio again. oh my goodness this was the ultimate experience because essentially Cafe Rio is like a Relief Society/Priesthood activity because all members there all the time. People were thanking Sister Murray and I for our service...I was drinking horchata....and just casually met a general authority between all of those things. So funny because last week I sent you that quote about voting from Elder Lawrence and this week I met Elder Lawrence. 

-Anywho Cafe Rio was courtesy of the Walker family...and boy are they amazing. I told Brother Walker at Sunday at noon that I was getting transferred and Sunday at seven they basically had a party for me....greeted us with a tunnel into their home and then proceeded to gift me with incredible things. Pictured is the days newspaper so in fifteen years I can look back on the last day that I was in the Walker home. Signed by the whole it! Also Brother Walker is going to DJ the party that I have in a few years when I come back and tour the mission so that's good news!



What. Holy Cow transfer calls are ridiculously terrifying and then you find out that your affected and cry yourself to sleep and then wait a whole twenty four hours before you find out where your going....

so I'm staying the stake which I am pumped up about that. I'm going to the Mountain/Orchard view wards. With Sister Trosseth...maybe I don't even know how to spell her name...but I'll meet her tomorrow. 

Also truest thing I've ever heard this week. 

'The only thing bigger than a mission presidents a mission presidents heart.'

-So true because If ya'll ever meet President Clark you'll have a hard time not losing your hand in his handshake and then you'll have absolutely no chance at not loving him because that's not possible. 


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