Monday, October 17, 2016


Ha. I'll get good at starting emails one day. 

and I hate to be that missionary who begs you to read the whole email. 
but please read this whole email because I promise that it can bless your life. 
NOT because I'm super cool or anything but because the Savior changes lives. 


so actually read it please. 

So friends, family, and loved ones native to Utah are all very aware of that delicious place called Café Rio. 
Well guess what. For about the entire time I've been here all of the members have been chatting up a storm about how Café Rio is coming to Clovis California. 
and the grand opening was this week. So 99.99999999999% of the conversations we have had with members this week start out with 'Hey Sisters, have you made it to Cafe Rio yet?'
and I put on a brave face and pretend like it doesn't matter that the answer is no but really on the inside I'm having a hard time coming to terms with this fact. 


We didn't have a dinner appointment with members and Sister Clark (mission president's wife) had basically told us that if we weren't reaching goals we could forget about dinner. So Sister Murray and I desperately trying to raise the bar in the Shepherd/ Dry Creek area decided to work through dinner. 


-not a single soul answered the door. 

So at the end of the night we are a little less then bright eyed and bushy tailed and also super hungry and we had time to visit one more family before turning in for the night. 

So we visit this family and they invite us in, but they are in the middle of dinner and it's Cafe Rio and it's so close I can almost taste it. (haha. that is so literal.) but it's not mine for the tasting. 

And in my head I'm giving myself a little pep talk to get through this trial of mine. 

-The Lord knows I gave it my all, we will be blessed for this 
is what I'm saying to myself over and over and over. 

So were teaching these members and then we get a text and it's great. 

Elder Speer (the missionary in this area before Sister Murray and I) texted us and told us about a potential investigator he had forgotten about. AND HE IS SO SOLID. We are teaching him on Thursday. 

This is an actual real-life honest-to-goodness miracle. 

-Also the Cleveland's are bringing Café Rio to Sister Murray and I for lunch tomorrow and I could not be a happier camper. 

but also another miracle. 

The life of Jesus Christ. 

-Yesterday in Sacrament meeting I was just thinking about this hypothetical question. 

What if the Savior wasn't a part of missionary work?
-First of all you have to realize that this is completely ridiculous because Jesus Christ is quite literally the center of everything that we do and inviting to people to come unto him is the purpose that we recite every day and missionary work would not be missionary work without the Savior. But despite all of these things I was thinking what it would truly be like to be a missionary without the atonement. These were the words that came to my head and unlike the Cafe Rio story I am not being the least-bit dramatic....
-broken, hopeless, crippled, flawed, desperate, worthless, wasted, 
essentially incomprehensible pain. 

I would go to bed every night feeling like a failure and unfixable without the Atonement of Jesus Christ. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. 

As a missionary I have truly never been more aware of my flaws but I have also never relied more on the Atonement of Christ and 
EVERY SINGLE NIGHT I go to bed thankful that I can be better tomorrow and that I am loved and that despite all of those flaws my righteous efforts bring joy to the Savior of the world. And that brings an incomprehensible feeling of wholeness. My life would be completely incomplete without the Savior and if you feel like something is missing in your life....It's probably the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This applies to those who have known it their whole lives and those who haven't if your missing something your missing understanding of that Gospel, because IT IS ALL YOU NEED. 

-I studied it this morning and it changed my life all over again. 
and guess what it's meant to be read by members of the church and non-members. 

And tell me about it please:)

A little note from Sister Murray: 
This week I lost my planner!!! I still haven't found it and planners to missionaries are our life!! NO JOKE, pray for me.... thanks, love you bye. 

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