Monday, October 10, 2016


Hello, Hello, Hello. 

So this week was great, because how could it not be a great week when you are united with God in bringing to pass his work and his glory. 
It was also kind of difficult but that is okay because salvation is not a cheap experience and missionary work is not supposed to be easy. 
Sometime in the MTC, some inspired person whom I forgot the name of talked about fishers of men and hunters of men. 
Fishing is generally a pretty fruitful experience....most times fishers end up with quite a few fish as a result of their efforts. 
Hunting is a bit different in the scriptures fishers used nets, and hunters used a bow and arrow. 
Sister Murray and I are armed with a bow and arrow and we are on the hunt for some soul that is ready to receive the gospel.

Also besides hunting for prepared souls this week we also had an opportunity to go to Fresno State and set up all this dental stuff for this program that provides free dental care for 300 people in the area. They also provided free shirts for missionaries who served them so that is good news. 

I'm convinced these shirts should have said team smile with your eyes closed. 

life is good and I love you all. 


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