Monday, October 3, 2016

**October 3, 2016**
So I've got a really great story, and only one missionary was harmed in the making of it. 

Surprise Surprise------It was me. 

But no worries all is well and my ankle is almost back to regular size:)

So this week was transfer week which means we got new missionaries and Sister Murray and I were asked to go out street contacting with them their first day here in the fabulous CFM. 

So cute Sister Elwell and I went out to teach repentance and baptize converts and it was great. 

Sister Elwell is actually a spanish speaking missionary and so we went out to a super high spanish speaking area of the mission. The thing is she is fresh from the MTC so her spanish is still a working progress. 

Anywho we met these people and it was great and she did amazing inviting strangers to be baptized. 

And then we meet Froland. Froland is outside trimming his trees and also does not speak a lick of English, but he does recognize us as representatives of Jesus Christ and he had a lot to say to representatives of Jesus Christ. Also please remember Froland and I do not speak the same language. So Act 1 of the play of Frolands life begins and this man wants Hermana Elwell and I to understand so badly so he is literally acting out all these times in his life that God was real to him. Here is what I learned about Froland during said play that was literally 45 minutes long. 
1. He watched his dad get shot when he was only two years old
2. He rode a horse or something once, also cow's involved somehow
3. He once climbed a palm tree that was really high
4. There was this one tree that had five different fruits growing off of it
5. Also he was in a car accident once. 
So anyway cute little Froland is in the middle of depicting this car accident and it get's really spiritually and he's almost crying and I'm just saying Si every once-in-awhile but I'm also clearly not understanding whatever he wants me to understand. So all of a sudden he is saying a prayer with one hand over my head-to give me the gift of tongues or something. Unfortunately this was not in Heavenly Father's plan for me and instead of understanding his Spanish I get stung by a bee in the middle of this prayer and I am secretly dying inside of pain and also trying desperately to bear my testimony in Spanish. Anywho the moral of the story is the spirit can communicate in all circumstances even when nobody is speaking the same language and Froland was so grateful to have the Book of Mormon and Hermana Elwell was super excited to give it to him. She's going to be a great missionary. 

Also Froland was so kind and gave us roses and that was so sweet. 

Also obviously General Conference was great because we have Prophets of God on the Earth and that is incredible news. Seriously if you stop and think that we have men called of God who literally can help us to know exactly what God wants us to know that is a miracle. 
I could talk all day about this but I know you probably don't want me to. 

Remember how a long time ago like a month and a half ago;) I talked about the secret to happiness was forgetting yourself and living for others. Well a talk in the women's session talked about charity. And really charity is the secret to reaching the secret to happiness. She said sometimes the greatest form of Charity is to withhold judgement. I promise that if ya'll strive to withhold unrighteousness judgement you will have a happier week than you would have otherwise. 

Love you all. 
Your seriously so great. 

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