Monday, September 12, 2016

Sister Rendon

okay. I am literally using every ounce of self control to not write this entire email in all caps, because I am so passionate about everything I have to say. 

My hands are shaking because I love you all so much and reading the emails I had received this week had like 18 months worth of good new in it. 


okay so my district in the MTC. 

Saying goodbye to them was sooooo hard. The Elders were so sweet and gave us all priesthood blessings before we left and all the Sisters were crying and it was incredible and I'm so grateful for them and their priesthood. 
When you spend essentially every waking moment with the same people for three weeks, you tend to get to know them pretty well. THEY ARE SO INCREDIBLE. 


I'm in California. 

It was so weird to be out of the MTC. People kept talking about how the MTC and jail were very different places, because in jail you can get visitors. 

haha. so true. but I LOVED THE MTC. 

(In the attachments my lovely district and MTC teachers are pictured. And me carrying around a million books because I was never really sure what I wanted to study.)

So here's the story. They set you apart as a missionary and then they surround you with all these other missionaries for three-straight weeks and then they put you back into the normal world and then your not really sure how to live. All of a sudden you are literally called to act as Jesus Christ would (which actually it's been this way since you have been set apart but now it actually feels real) and it's an intimidating task. BUT OH SO WORTH IT. 

The plane ride over was great. I'm convinced the lady sitting next to me on the plane is going to get baptized. I TAUGHT HER THE RESTORATION AND SHE LET ME TAKE HER ADDRESS SO WE COULD SEND MISSIONARIES TO HER. She is amazing. 

Then we got of the plane and all these departing missionaries were there to congratulate us. Then we met President and Sister Clark and they are wonderful. They also know how to pronounce Hooper, and you can never be too far away from Hooper if someone near you knows how to pronounce it.

So Sister Murray is my trainer she is from Kansas City, Missouri and amazing. We were DOUBLED INTO OUR AREA. Which means that we are both new to the area. The missionaries who were serving there are the assistants to the president. and we have to wards to work with. So this all a little intimidating but I am up for the task and Sister Murray is my trainer and incredible and I'm fresh from the MTC and fired up and above all we have the Lord on our all is well. 

SOOOO because we are both new to the area we moved into an apartment that Elders just moved out of and they didn't leave us ANY toilet paper. So kind of them. 

Anyway, I made a joke out of this and told a ward member and all of a sudden I have an entire months worth of toilet paper and also food. I am telling you this to make the point of how incredible the members here are. I have never met people this amazing and it inspires me to work hard because they deserve to have amazing missionaries working in their area. I LOVE THEM. 

There is this one family called the Clevelands and I am lowkey trying to get an invitation to their family reunion in 18 months. The Grandma is incredible and has raised two sons that grew up to be mission presidents and her grandson is my Ward Mission Leader (the toilet paper supplier) and he and his wife are incredible with two cute kids. I can't get over this family. 


So here it is brothers and sisters. 

Do you want to know why you are on Earth? 


Which sounds a little intimidating, but another word for repent is change. 

You are here to progress. You are here to change. You are here to prepare to meet God. You are here to become like God. 

And that's going to take some repentance. 


I KNOW THAT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE SHEPHERD AND DRY CREEK WARDS. I know that someone needed Sister missionaries in this area, specifically Sister Rendon and Sister Murray and I WILL find them. And I am so grateful for President Clark's ability to receive revelation. 


Also sorry this e-mail is such a mess. I had so much to say and I just kind of ended up this way. 

I didn't say nearly as much as I've wanted, but you've probably already read way more than you wanted...but all that is really important is that Jesus Christ atoned for your sins and because of that you can return to your Father in Heaven. That's all you ever really need to know. 

Thanks for all of your love and support.

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