Monday, September 12, 2016

Short but good!

HELLO. I can't even prepare you for how random this e-mail is. 

So here's the thing you guys. 

I'm serving in the Shepherd and Dry Creek Wards and here's what people keep saying about this place...

-People really aren't compelled to be humble here

and it's been mentioned that Clovis is the 'Bible Belt' of Fresno California

Which is really just a fancy way of saying that most people here already have a church, and those who don't have one don't really feel the need to have one. 

And that's really just a fancy way of saying that it is hard to find people to teach and baptize..

But that is okay. Because hard is not the same as impossible and Sister Murray and I are determined to find people who need this message in their lives. We've got faith in the Lord but we could also use your prayers to get the ball rolling! 


I taught my first lesson. 

Here's who was there.....also please remember this was my first lesson. 

One assistant to the mission president, one zone leader, one ward mission leader, one trainer, one of the smartest men I have ever met (the investigator)

All of these people were there because it was a pass-along lesson, One companionship was introducing us to Chris. 

This is the most intimidating thing of my life, but good news...I SURVIVED. The man we were teaching was asking all sorts of questions, most of them included words I had never even heard. I kind of sat there in awe while the assistant to the president did an amazing job teaching him. I did add my two cents in a couple of times though and my heart didn't quite beat all the way out of my chest..but it was close..;) 

Another thing that happened this week....we had an appointment with a member of the bishopric. 

So Sister Murray and I walk to the door and we hear this music pounding and this member of the bishopric opens the door and pokes his head out and says, "I promise we don't vape." lol. We walked in and they had been practicing for a stake dance and so these disco lights had been going and there is so much fog because of the fog machine..but now the music is off. So I'm pretty sure that was a once in a lifetime experience. This was the Walker family and they are so incredible we shared lots of laughs and love for the gospel...

I'm kind of giving up on telling you guys about my week..because it is just not coming out very smoothly...but it was so good and I love it here. 

I can't thank you enough for all of your kind words of love and encouragement. THEY TRULY TRULY TRULY mean the world to me. 

The most important thing I realized this week was the following...

It is not so much learning new things about the Gospel, but more fully understanding the fundamental things that we have already been taught. 
We don't need to know a thing about Kolob, or outer darkness, or any of that jazz to know that the church is true. 

As we more fully understand the centrality of the atonement we will more fully understand that any thing else related to the Gospel is just an appendage to that atonement. 

The Church is true. This e-mail is a mess. I hope that you are all doing well. I LOVE YOU. HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES YOU. 

A little note from Sister Murray: 

Hey y'all! Thanks for Sister Rendon, she's the best! I kind of don't know what she wants but... have a good week!

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