Monday, July 3, 2017

CA Fresno Mission
Welcome to the Lord's Vineyard

hello there everyone. 

It's nice to see you again, and by that I mean it's nice to see some words you type out that somehow get shipped across a few states and up on a computer screen. It's very kind of you to keep typing those words. 

Let me tell you some things about my week. 

Some things about zone conference:

I'm always a real big fan of zone conference:

 I've always gotten front row tickets my whole mission long. This one was something special though. It was President and Sister Clark's last one. Which means it felt a little like zone conference, and a little like a funeral...but the good type of funeral with a lot of love and gratitude and hope for the future. Also another thing I've always loved is Hooper, Utah. Now I love it even a little more because my home is right next to the Clark's home. So I vote that tender mercy of the year. 

Some things that were a pleasant surprise about missionary work: 

Sister Murray remembers a time...when I was an extra new missionary that I said...."Well, I know I'm not here to make friends." Which makes it sound like I was on a reality game show. And to be truthful I don't entirely remember what my expectations were at the beginning of my mission but what I got wasn't what I expected. I know some of the coolest people on planet Earth because of my mission and I'm pretty happy about that. 

Some things about experiencing tender mercies: 

Thursday morning started out with me assuring Sister Burnside that after we got to know the area well enough we would begin to have days were you just teach all day long and it's happy stuff and you really really love those days. We went home that night and we had successfully taught all day long and our investigators had kept commitments and it was just one of those days that you really really love. Also we had dinner with a member and they served really good chocolate milk and then when we got home they surprised us with some said milk. When we were talking about how they knew we loved it so much after we concluded that it was probably the three dramatic stories we told that included chocolate milk and the extreme gratitude in the closing prayer for the milk. 

 Some things I love: 


Southern Zones - Hanford, Visalia, Porterville

  Photo's credit- Sister Clark,

Back Row, Left to Right; Elders Fernandez, Watts, Nielsen, Jones, Maas, Vawdrey, Paukovic, Thornton, White, Gibson, Blume, Tapia, Gollner, Lopez, Del Carmen, Quinn
Third Row Left to Right; Elders McGraw, Kennick, Sullivan, Carnahan, Facer,  Fischer, Halliday, Rogers, Wilson, Ennis, Schaff, Mussin, Anderson, Wright, Flores, Lilly, Mountford
Second Row, Left to Right; Elders Davis, Austin, Derbidge, Sisters Kokol, Tatakamotonga, Rendon, Eastman, Jordan, Malpica, Pachner, White, Burnside, Elders Gray, Kauai
First Row, Left to Right; Sisters Johnson, Peterson, Murray, Gillespie, Elder & Sister Hammond,
President & Sister Clark, Sister & Elder Lilya, Sisters Jefferies, Jones, Jeffrey, Willmore

       New President and Sister Mackay to the California Fresno Mission!
From Left to Right: Elder Quinn, Presidents Clark & Mackay, Sisters Mackay & Clark, Elder Gray

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