Monday, February 6, 2017

                                                                                                   February 6, 2017

                                       Wow this week has been quite crazy. 

I'm in my cute new area in Fresno.....and it is crazy diverse. 

We were able to go to the temple and all the trainers were trained on how to be a trainer....which was super incredible basically just a lot of reassurance about the fact that even though I have no idea what is going on in the King's Canyon ward because we were doubled in and even though I really have no clue about the new schedule because that's all new...somehow the Lord still saw it fit for me to help one of his servants start out the mission on the right foot. What....GOD IS GRACIOUS. Seriously. 

Anywho in an effort to help us out....

The Sisters who were in the area before us left us cute notes in the apartment saying nice things like....

'We love you Sister Rendon' and 'This is the best area to be trained in' and 'use this spray when you visit families with bed bugs'

This week was super incredible with transfers and all that jazz. The thing is you feel like you are going to die 

Also......Sister Kelly is the cutest. Literally every missionary who is asked to train ever always talks about how their missionaries came pre-trained and really the trainer is the one who is doing all the learning. Okay well that ACTUALLY IS TRUE. I mean at least with Sister Kelly she is soooo cute and super amazing. Seriously she is light-years ahead of the game and everyday I learn something new from her.

Events that are pictured: 
1. Sister Murray and I mourning together by wearing all black and taking dramatic Polaroid pictures. 
2. Sister Kelly turning into the paparazzi and Sister Rendon turning into a dramatic celebrity who doesn't what her photo taken. 
3. Car selfies...because missionaries are still human

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