Wednesday, February 15, 2017

                                                                                  February 13, 2017

This picture is one from the mission blog that Sister Clark puts together on
Sister Rendon with her new companion Sister Kelly

The new mission schedule is really just helping missionaries use their agency and make decisions for themselves. It's kind of tricky though because it provides you with more personal time and yet requires that you use your personal time doing missionary work. 

We get fed almost every night, we are never short on food. 

The new ward I am in takes about six or seven miles to drive across....

I hardly ever ride my bike...but there was an incident when we were moving my bike and I have to pay around 40 dollars for repairs. 

MISSIONS REALLY ARE THE HARDEST THING THAT YOU WILL EVER DO. As a missionary you spend all day asking yourself what more you can do and what more you can say. Every morning you plead with your Heavenly Father in prayer to not what you can do to be more personable, more knowledgeable, more patient, more christ-like. Then every night you go to bed and you discover (if you have given all that you have to the Lord) that despite all your weaknesses the Lord found a way to make you enough. He makes you enough to teach his children, he makes you enough to love his children, and he makes you enough to be successful in sharing the restored gospel.  

The secret to allowing the gospel to bless your life is the fact that you can't withhold literally have to give everything to the Lord....and by everything all I really mean is the desires of your heart...that is all that the Lord asks for and he in return gives you everything that you need. He gives you enough to be an instrument in his hands. 

I have learned a lot of valuable lessons on my mission including..

-the book of mormon truly does answer the questions of the soul

-the commandments really are there to bless you 

-charity truly can not fail

-but most importantly I've learned that the atonement of Jesus Christ works. It works to redeem you, it works to strengthen you, it works to overcome all that heavenly father asks you to overcome. 

I love my mission. It has changed me and that is what the gospel is about...changing, becoming more like the Savior and every day we have an opportunity to do that...and that is an opportunity that we should take...every day. 

Love you!


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