Monday, September 12, 2016


Sister Rendon coming at ya live. 
It's only been eight days and I'm already a seasoned MTC professional. (By this I mean I can get to the cafeteria and back without getting lost;) )

*I lowkey feel like I should start this email with a prayer, because that's how you start everything at the MTC.*

So we were watching this 'how not to be stressed' video and this Elder said...

"The first few days at the MTC are like trying to drink out of a fire hydrant. You get some water, buy you mostly hurt your face."


If you guys want to know how mentally exhausted we were just know that this is a true story. 

So like Day three we get done with exercise time and everyone is heading back to the classroom. AFTER the opening hymn our teacher turns to an Elder and asks...'What's in your hair?'

He was so tired that he had literally stopped combing his hair halfway through and forgotten the comb in the middle of his head. NONE OF US EVEN NOTICED. Funniest moment of my life. 

Also true story about me. Like five days into this thing I see a companionship of Elders walking towards us and in my head I was like. HEY, IT'S THE MISSIONARIES. Wow. Hey meeting the Lord's servants does not get boring. 


-So I'm not learning a language here at the MTC, but I did have to learn my companions name. DENOUEMENT ECCO FELICITY PADILLA. You don't even have to say that five times fast for me to be impressed, one time slow is sufficient. I just call her Sister Padilla though;) She is so cute to me. One of the first things she told me was...hey you might have to explain jokes to me because I don't understand them. So I explain to her jokes and she teaches me about how skunk traps have to be short so they can't lift up their tail and spray you. I REALLY DO LOVE HER. SHE IS WONDERFUL AND KIND AND TAKING GREAT CARE OF ME. 

-You guys thought that I would have a hard time waking up at 6:30..but I'm actually an avid participant in the optional 6 A.M. aerobics class for sisters. This is my favorite because I got to do yoga to celtic music, which I love. We also did kickboxing the other day which was awesome. I mean it was kind of like dancing except a lot less pleasing to the eye. I was actually literally laughing at myself the whole time. 

-The man who invented cafeteria food would be proud to see what his creation is today at the MTC. The orange juice is fine. I think. lol. 

There is literally so much to say...but let's get to the IMPORTANT STUFF. 

You guys this place is cooler than Hogwarts...I'm being serious. 
We were told that when Elder Holland dedicated the MTC he commanded that there be an angel at every window, every door, and beside every missionary. I am safe here and I am helping you guys so much more by being here than I ever could by being at home. 

The most powerful thing I've ever heard was a talk all you MTC veterans should know. The Character of Christ. (If you want to hear this talk.....go on a mission. You can only listen to it at the MTC) It truly is amazing and guess what IT GAVE THE KEY TO HAPPINESS. 

I am not kidding you guys..if you want to live a happy life pay very close attention to the next part. 

 -forget about yourself. 
The one thing that Jesus Christ ALWAYS did was to turn outward. He was never worried about himself, always worried about others, and the most perfect man that ever lived. 
This principle is tried, tested, and true. I've experienced it for myself. 

If your feeling down stop thinking about yourself and go do something for anyone else. 

The Lord will bless you beyond measure for your service. 
Except there is a catch. 
If the only intention that you have for doing something kind for someone else to help won't work. 
You can not trick God. Turn outward, help other people, FORGET ABOUT YOURSELF, and you will be blessed and happier than you ever could be otherwise. IT'S TRUE. 

Another wayyyyyyy important thing that I learned because of the talk is...
*******The Church is true because the Savior is true. ****************

I did not sign up to teach people about a church for the next 18 months. I signed up to teach people about Jesus Christ, who happened to set up a church as a way for us to have access to the blessings he could provide. 
EVERYTHING YOU HAVE AND EVERYTHING YOU ARE IS BECAUSE OF JESUS CHRIST. I hope that I can spend the next 18 months teaching people that and hoping that they come unto him as a result of that knowledge. 
I love you. I love Jesus. I love being a missionary. And Heavenly Father loves you too. 


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