Monday, January 9, 2017


Hello. Hello. Hello.  

Dear everyone, 

Being a missionary is the greatest thing. 

Great things that happened this week. 

-So much rain. Also for a place that has been in a drought for the last decade they really don't have a clue how to handle rain and so the streets are that makes for getting in and out of the car an adventure. 

-I laughed when I recognized that ladies and gentleman is the worlds version of Brothers and Sisters.....haha...I still think that's funny. 

We went to the temple. Super great. 

And for a super great highlight of the week...

I finished reading the Book of Mormon. 

Which made for a great personal study. After I finished reading it I was reflecting on how my testimony had grown since I started on July 27th and I wrote something that went like this. 

The last few months have me at a place that I can say from soooooo much personal experience that the Book of Mormon gives people what they need. 

Literally from the first day when I found what I needed to start a mission committed to obedience when I read the testimony of Joseph Smith and read his testimony of obedience....the charges are so strict because the work is so important. (pg. xi)
All the way to this morning when I started my studies with a prayer to recognize what my spiritual gifts were and I opened to Moroni chapter ten and once again found what I needed (pg 530)...and literally every day in between....  some moments that stand out specifically to me................ when I pleaded with my Heavenly Father to give me an increased testimony of the Book of Mormon after I had walked out of a lesson with a woman who had spent the whole time seeking to destroy the testimony I had....and I opened the Book of Mormon and found what I needed in 2nd Nephi (pg 109) the rejection of the Book of Mormon from the 'learned' had been foretold. To the day's of frustration when I had spent weeks being told by the world that I was in an area with people who were not 'compelled to be humble' and when I turned to the Book of Mormon and found what I needed in Alma (pg 289)...I found what God had to say about people who are not 'compelled to be humble.' and even the time I found what I needed in Ether (pg 510) when I recognized that I wasn't the only disciple of Christ who had a hard time putting pen to paper or 'finger to keyboards' when I needed to write words about my missionary experience. 

I guess what I'm really trying to say people in a short,simple, powerful statement of truth is.....


So if you're looking for something.....I know where to find's somewhere right in between the blue cover of the Book of Mormon...who knows today it might be found right in the introduction. 

I love you all!!

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