Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Labor Day is really just code word for Hooper Tomato Days. 


Yes. I'm right. 

I am Lindsey Rendon and I must admit I am obsessed with H-Town. As in Hooper, Utah. As in "I'm from the Ogden-Area" to all these new people I'm meeting at college because Hooper is as some people would say..."the town right before the edge of the earth." 

Not kidding once a boy came to pick me up for a date and said, "Wow, I didn't think I would be driving to the edge of the Earth when I woke up today." 

Anywhooooo. This college-student was able to make the four hour drive up north as a result of a long weekend. 

Call me a super senior if you must, because the first stop after I made it home was the Fremont High Football game. I got to watch my wonderful friends on Silverline perform a fantastic half-time performance and I may have even shed a few tears as I reminisced on my own drill team experience. Then again maybe I didn't shed a few tears. How will you ever know? ;)

I'm on that new school. Wall Dog is still reppin that old school. 

Also I would have watched the game however, I was busy crawling through the bleachers finding all my favorite people in Weber County to talk too and that was FANTASTIC. 

It was quite wonderful to find some friends that I graduated with and chat with them about their own college experiences after the game. I still kind of wish we could have a graduation reunion every 6 months. I love the class of 2015. 

Entering Saturday...

I got to witness one of my favorite babies win the baby contest in Hooper. 

He deserved it cute thing. 

Then I got to cheer my cousin on from the sidelines in his little league football game. 


The main event of the weekend was my cousin's wedding. She made a beautiful bride however the pictures I took with her turned out less than beautiful so just imagine a blushing bride in your head. 


The Hooper 1st ward is a wonderful place. I'm still getting used to the Young Single Adult ward which is a little difficult when you feel too young to be a Single Adult. The church is true in every ward and that's the important thing. 

Another wonderful part of Sunday was this moment. 

I wish my horses could fit in the trunk of my car and could live in the pantry at my apartment. 

I've been attempting to make a cowgirl out of my friends. So the Wall-Eye Clan and the Saunders fam came down to my home and took a few trips around the arena. 

Walli even made it "full-speed ahead." -but not really


here's what i have to say about monday. It was anything but "another manic monday."
P.S. - If you want to have a good day take a look at that music video on Youtube. 

Started off the day watching the Tomato Days Parade. It's sometimes a strange feeling to be on the sidelines of a parade. growing up is a weird thing. 

See look how simple life is as a baby. They don't even feel the need to pose for pictures. 

Then I spent the day eating delicious food and chatting with wonderful people before I headed back to T-Bird territory. 

It was a delicious corn dog. Also it wasn't pasta which is like all I've been eating at school.

Cousins & Corn dogs bigger than your face. 
It's a wonderful life. 

I should mention I paid six dollars for this corn dog which is probably the reason I felt the need to document the experience. 

I also got to catch up with this girl that's been around...for only my whole entire life. 


After a weekend away and answering the "How is college" question about 12 million times it was nice to head back to the flat with Ryanne. 

We enjoy it in Flat #2. 

I should also note that we have chosen to call our apartment the flat because sometimes your life just needs to be spiced up a little. 

I LOVE my home, but the next  chapter of life has begun and so far it's been wonderful. 

with lots of love. 

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